At BSBC we have a number of services at different times and offering various styles of worship. Brief information about these is provided below.

For further details please contact the Church Office.

Morning Services (Sundays, 10.30am)

Sunday morning services are held at the Baptist Church Centre, Twyford Road, Bishop’s Stortford, CM23 3LJ beginning at 10.30am. Free refreshments are served after the service.

Portuguese Language Services (Sundays, 4–6pm)

Held every week at the Baptist Church Centre.

First Sundays of the month: Celebration Service
All other weeks: Bible School

For more information, read about our International Ministry or contact the Church Office.

Evening Services (Sundays, 6.30pm)

Sunday evening services are held at the Baptist Church Centre, Twyford Road, Bishop’s Storford, CM23 3LJ.

The evening service is more intimate in nature than the morning and normally follows a Bible based series.

On the second Sunday of each month the normal evening service is replaced by Refresh.


Refresh (Second Sundays, 6.30pm)

Refresh is an informal evening service on the second Sunday of each month. People have really been blessed by the opportunity to come and wait on the Holy Spirit and allow Him to direct us.

Refresh has a prepared message and one or two other elements, but it is really about seeing how God leads us.



We celebrate Communion together during the morning service on the second Sunday of each month and also during the evening service on the fourth Sunday. Communion is open to all who love the Lord Jesus as their personal Saviour.

In addition, the Elders are able to arrange to visit those who are unable to get to church so that they can partake in Communion.

Baptismal Services

We believe that we are called to follow Christ’s example and profess our faith in Him by Believers Baptism.

From time to time, as is required, we will hold a Baptismal Service where a number of people will publicly declare their love for Jesus and their promise to serve Him in the world.

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