Gathering Together For Worship, Safely

  1. Pre-booking will no longer be required. We ask, however, that individuals voluntarily either scan in with the NHS COVID-19 app or sign in.
  2. We ask that everyone use hand gel as they enter the building.
  3. We ask that everyone continue to wear masks for the time being (subject to exemptions).
  4. Singing will be permitted, but only with masks.
  5. Seating on the left-hand side of the Worship Area will not be socially distanced. Seating on the right and in the Gallery will continue to be. We will adopt the “Rule of 6” for this, with groups of 6 chairs 1.1m apart from one another.
  6. We ask people on the left to be courteous to those on the right and keep socially distanced from them.
  7. Individuals can place a card asking others not to sit next to them, which they can place on one seat next to them. These are available as you go into the Worship Area.
  8. We will open the fire exits so that people have a choice of routes to leave, minimising ‘bottlenecks’.
  9. The toilets will be in full use but we ask everyone to be considerate of others. In particular, bear in mind that others may not be comfortable being in close proximity in enclosed spaces.
  10. We will continue to serve communion as we have been since our return in April, with the bread prepared in advance and available as you enter the Worship Area
  11. Except when there is a family service, we will have Sunday Club for primary school age children.
  12. Finally, and above all, we ask everyone to be considerate of and patient with one another. We are all coming out of a very fraught and tense period and each of us will “decompress” in different ways and at different paces.

Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. – Ephesians 4:2