Our Beliefs

Bishop’s Stortford Baptist Church is an evangelical, purpose-driven church, seeking to be a community of believers living according to the Bible’s teaching.

Our vision

Is to become a community of believers living according to the Bible’s teaching, so that Christ’s redemptive purposes can be accomplished in the world.

Our mission

Is to enable people to become fully-devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Our purposes

  • Worship
  • Discipleship
  • Fellowship
  • Service
  • Outreach

We are seeking to become a purpose-driven church and one that is a community of love, compassion and evangelism:

  • Growing as Individuals – in our relationship with Christ
  • Growing in Community – in our lives together
  • Growing in Influence – in our neighbourhoods

It is our belief that the Church is called to grow. Our current growth strategy calls for individuals to befriend the unchurched, share the reason for the hope they have, build bridges to the church and pray for their growth. The church supports this vision with bridge-building and evangelistic events.

Our values

  • We believe that we need to study God’s Word to understand how He wants us to live.
  • We believe we are called to continue to grow in our Christian lives.
  • We believe we are called to develop active prayer lives.
  • We believe we are called to live in the love of Christ; united in Him and respecting the unique value of each individual.
  • We believe we are all called to be actively involved in the ministry of the church.
  • We believe the cross of Christ is the only hope for mankind and this message must be communicated effectively to every age group.
  • We believe we are called to mission wherever we are; to let light shine at home, in our places of work and in service to our local communities.
  • We believe we are called to be involved in the Great Commission of Jesus in making disciples of all nations.
  • We believe we must be concerned about the same things God is concerned about and therefore must always seek what is in His heart.
  • We believe we are called to give glory to God in every way we can and therefore to pursue excellence in all we do.
  • We believe in the Church of Christ throughout the world.
  • We believe we depend on the presence of the Holy Spirit to work in us.

Our covenant

We believe in one God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit who reign in glory, one God. We rejoice that Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour of our lives. As members of his body, the church, we commit ourselves to God and to one another.

Trusting in God’s presence and his power at work in us through the Holy Spirit, we declare our intention to:

Keep Growing in Christ

  • By studying God’s Word
  • By developing active prayer lives
  • By seeking God’s heart and will for our lives

Keep Serving Christ

  • By active involvement in the ministry of the church
  • By being good stewards of our time, possessions, gifts and abilities
  • By showing hospitality to visitors and being good neighbours
  • By pursuing excellence in all we do

Keep the Unity of the Body of Christ

  • By respecting the unique value of each individual
  • By living in love with one another
  • By resolving disagreements in love and mutual forgiveness
  • By refusing to gossip
  • By submitting to the authority of the Church Meeting

Keep the Light of Christ Shining

  • By living a life which reflects God’s glory
  • By demonstrating and declaring the Good News of God’s love and salvation wherever we are: at home, in our places of work and in our neighbourhoods

We believe we are called to be a community living in love and grace as servants of Jesus Christ. We seek to become better disciples day by day so that in all things Jesus Christ may be glorified as Lord of all.

To him be the glory, now and forever.

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