Mission Support

Over the years God has called a number of people from this fellowship to serve him in the world Church. They go on our behalf and it is our privilege to support them in the ministries that they fulfil.

Roland & Carolien Smith

Roland & Carolien Smith are based in Maastricht, the Netherlands. They are working with ECM (European Christian Mission) in Church and community development.

They write: ‘It is wonderful to be sent and supported by such a loving, caring church! Most people in South Limburg find the traditional church completely irrelevant. We are constantly having to rethink how to relate to people and what to say. Please pray that we would find people who are willing to open their hearts to the Gospel. We are encouraged by the way many Christians from different churches are getting involved more and more in practical ways in the local community.’

Roland and Carolien Smith have been living in Maastricht since 2006, supporting different churches and community projects. Before they moved to Maastricht, Roland (originally from the UK) and Carolien (originally from the Netherlands) worked with ECM in Poland. From 1992 to 2002 they taught English to students in Wroclaw. After that they worked for three years as church planters in Rabka. Between ministry in Poland and the Netherlands they studied for a year at All Nations Bible College in England.

Internationally, Carolien coordinates ECM field member care and Roland is a member of the ECM field ministry development group.

Eric & Claire Singirankabo

Eric & Claire Singirankabo

Eric & Claire Singirankabo work in Butare, Rwanda. They work with patients suffering from HIV / AIDS at the Samaritan Hospital. They are also active in community work and through the local church.

They have four children, Joy, Grace, Derrick Prince and McLean but because of the troubles they have adopted a large extended family.

Lizzie Reed










BMS World Mission

BMS World Mission is a Christian mission organisation, working in around 35 countries on four continents. BMS personnel are mainly involved in church planting, development, disaster relief, education, health, and media and advocacy.

A number of BSBC members have been called by God to work overseas with BMS in recent years and we continue to support its work both prayerfully and financially.

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