The Bridge – Construction Update

Our building contractors, Brooks & Wood, started work on The Bridge in early September as planned. 

The site was fenced off, the builders temporary site office brought in and the existing building stripped out. This included internal walls, ceilings, sanitary wear and all existing roof coverings. Work then commenced on the new storage extension to the rear where foundations were dug, new walls built and a concrete floor slab poured. This required the installation of a membrane to protect against Japanese Knotweed which had been found on the site, meaning that soil dug out had to be disposed of as contaminated waste. 

Carpenters were then working on the site installing roof timbers and ply decking, ready for the roofers to come to apply the insulation and final roof coverings on both the flat and pitched roof areas. In early December roof lights will be fitted into the pitched roof, introducing natural light into the main area which until now has had none. In the existing walls, door and window openings have been adapted in accordance with the plans. 

By Christmas the building envelope should be wind and watertight, ready for internal works to begin in earnest early in the new year. 

Every week there have been new challenges caused by materials being unavailable or only available on long lead in times. These issues are now being talked about regularly in the press and TV news. But the contractors continue to be positive and helpful in their approach, working with the design team to find alternative solutions without compromising on quality. 

Please continue to pray that the positive relationship within the team will be maintained, and that solutions will be found to any additional problems that arise.