Stories from The Bridge

There are some very exciting things to share this time as to how God is blessing the ministries we currently have under the umbrella of The Bridge. 


Paul Crispin writes:

The other week someone came into Exchange looking for a king size quilt and a fridge/freezer. I had to say to them, ‘I am sorry but we do not have either at the minute.’

Ten minutes later, after the person left, Lin came in with a king size quilt that was not needed anymore. ‘Put that back in the car,’ I said, ‘as someone needs that and I have to measure a space for their fridge freezer, we can drop it off then.’ Five minutes later as Dave and I were leaving for a delivery we were approached by someone who attends church. He said, ‘God has told me to donate some money for a fridge/freezer.’ Awesome, all within 15 minutes. Not just a gift, but specifically for a fridge/freezer. 

I rang the person that evening to tell them the good news that we had a quilt and an offer to get a new fridge/freezer. They were speechless and emotional and said that God had answered their prayers. 

Lin and I went and measured the space for the fridge/freezer. I then researched it online and discovered that there is only ONE company who sell a fridge/freezer the right height to fit the space. No wonder there was a gift to buy a new one, a second hand one would never have been available. 

God is so GOOD. 

Exchange received a text yesterday from the person to let us know that no words in the English dictionary could express their immense gratitude for the kindness, generosity, care and support from the Exchange team. They went on to say that God had heard their pleas for the two items. Not only that, they went on to say that they had felt a lift in their dark thoughts after a long journey of pressure. ‘I feel lighter,’ they said, and then went on to say that Exchange is an amazing place with an amazing team. 

Praise God indeed, we are in exciting times. 

Breaking Bread Café (BBC) 

From the earliest vision of Bridge ministries there has been a desire not only to serve the community but to establish a community. Well, we have arrived, perhaps only in part, but we have an established community coming to the Centre each Tuesday. They see it as their place, they are open in conversation and to bringing their friends along. Whenever new people come one of the regulars insists on showing them the Worship Area. 

We have had the joy of explaining the WiFi passcode which is based on John 3:16 and showing them where it is in the Bible. Some weeks ago they were pressing me for the dates of the Carol Service and Community Lunch and how they could get tickets in advance to make sure they could attend. 

I have now downloaded the Google Translate app on my phone because we have had people come for whom English is not their first language and I need help!

Some Christians come from BSBC and other churches in the town who want fellowship and, of course, the tea and cake. The café has truly become a hub where genuine relationships are formed and needs shared and met. 

Exchange is open on Thursdays also and it would be great for Breaking Bread to be open on that day too. 

You will have probably heard the Henry Blackaby quote: ‘Watch to see where God is working and join him in his work.’ Well, God is very much at work in the Bridge. Do you want to join him? 

Speak to Julia Horner, Paul or Lin Crispin about Exchange and Janet Casson about the Breaking Bread Café. You don’t necessarily need to be ‘front of house’ in either of these ministries, there is much to be done behind the scenes. Sorting of donations for Exchange, and homemade cakes are very popular – so if baking is your thing you are especially welcome!

Contact the Church Office to find out more about how you can get involved in Exchange and Breaking Bread Café.