Join a Flower Group!

After a long break due to Covid-19, the Flower Groups have bounced back enthusiastically with two friendly groups. 

Monday evening’s meeting is mostly made up of nine people who have been associated with our group for a number of years and are more experienced. At Wednesday’s group we have 16 people, a small number of ‘returners’ but also it has been lovely to welcome a good number of new interested members. Some of these have stemmed from our “Tea and Quiz” groups, some from Church, who we have known for a long time, but others who have joined us previously at garden parties, tea gatherings in South Mill Arts, neighbours and friends of friends! Needless to say we all enjoy each other’s company while we work on our flowers and chat over a cup of tea. 

During these last few weeks we have been trying to think about our planet and given serious thought to the damage which can be caused by the use of Oasis foam (one of our favourite mediums to help in our arrangements). This is not bio-degradable and we have concentrated on other methods, such as taped grids over our vases, chicken wire and pin holders, and have found that these more traditional methods can achieve good results and show off the beauty of our flowers. Our final class for this term will be to make attractive wreaths for Christmas to hang on our doors or to use as table decorations. 

If you wish to join us we will be pleased to see you. Flower groups will recommence after Christmas in January – the fourth Monday evening in the month at 8–9.30pm and the fourth Wednesday afternoon at 1-2.30pm. 

Contact the Church Office to find out more.