PEG Community Day – 13 May 2017

A huge thank you to everyone who came along to support the Community Day on 13 May. It was a great success! Lots of people got involved, did some great work and had a lot of fun. This was an event to follow up on our recent PEG series (Practical, Evangelism, Growth). While PEG is something that should be ingrained in all we do as a church, this event provided an opportunity to kick-off this idea.

On a practical note, we managed to do more than we planned:

  • Cleaned up the canal and planted some flowers to brighten it up.
  • Cleaned litter from the roads around the church.
  • Helped with the garden of one of our neighbours.
  • Did some DIY for a couple of local homeowners, helping them with some much needed projects.
  • Painted over the graffiti on the wall outside church much to the pleasure of people in the flats opposite, one of whom called the church to express their thanks.

While much of the day had a practical focus, our objectives were to build relationships in our community and to be able to share our faith. We had an opportunity to pray with people and help demonstrate God’s love. We want to break down some of the barriers society has erected, and be able to share the love of God in different ways.

What about growth? Well I think the calories consumed via the hog roast were burnt off with the work so thankfully there may not have been too much in the way of personal physical growth but in so many other ways we have grown as a church.

There were several people who commented on the sense of God’s presence during the day and after. We were spiritually nourished and people stepped out in faith getting involved and meeting others. Many took up the challenge to make new friends and connect with people they had not spoken to before. We reached out beyond our physical walls and stepped into the community in which we all live and work to express our faith and our love for Jesus. We hope it was a good witness and a wonderful thing to be involved with.

But what next? Where do we go from here?

As a church, we continue to aim to reach out to our community, and particularly to those who feel they are without hope and are on the fringes of society. A vibrant, loving and concerned church like ours can make a huge difference in these people’s lives.

As we head into the summer, it would be wonderful to take a Practical, Evangelistic and Growing mind-set into our holidays. We are excited to see what God may do in and through us as we approach people with this mind-set.

May God bless you over the summer with opportunities to expand your faith and reach out to those around us.

Jamie and Rupert