Pastor’s Thoughts – July 2014

Counting on fingers

Dear friends,

Jim Collins is a secular writer on business organisations and leadership. Whilst he is not a Christian, his insights are often fascinating and thought provoking. He has studied what makes American businesses successful not just for a short while but over a long period of time. He has noted a number of characteristics that the leaders of those organisations need to possess. He starts with humility – hardly the image projected by programmes like The Apprentice. One of the other things he sees is the need to count your blessings, and he means that literally. Periodically he goes through and makes a list of every blessing he has in his life.

Maybe it would be a good plan for us to do that too? The phrase originates from an old American hymn, which many of us know about but which I don’t think I’ve ever actually sung. The chorus goes like this:

Count your blessings,
name them one by one, Count your blessings,
see what God hath done! Count your blessings,
name them one by one, And it will surprise you
what the Lord hath done

So let’s have a go at that, as a church:

  1. The Lord has blessed us with an amazing family full of incredible people that love one another.
  2. The Lord has always met our financial needs even when we thought it was going to be tough.
  3. He has brought us incredible people to serve us in every aspect of our life together; volunteers gladly give their time to make the church a living community reaching out in the name of Christ.
  4. He has given us an amazing staff who constantly give far more than we ask of them and serve us so well.
  5. He has brought us people who give us their time at no cost to us and their contribution has been amazing. We are so blessed by people like Tracy and Alison who are at the heart of our Ministry Team.
  6. Whenever we have had a vacancy for an important role that needed to be filled, the Lord has brought people to us.
  7. As we have needed more people in our Ministry Team, He has brought us Gustavo who will fill that urgent need with the International Community and doing the work of an evangelist among us.
  8. He has given us this incredible Church Centre. He blessed us by not saying yes to our prayers to get something quickly but instead giving us something which is so much better than we had expected.
  9. He’s giving us contacts with people in the community through the use of the Church Centre.
  10. He’s brought so many new people into this community, some of us His committed followers and some of us who are seeking to find out more about who Jesus is.

So there’s 10 to be going on with. Wow!

I hope that you can think of many more. The point is that as we go forward there will be many more challenges that we face. We have hopes to build more on this site; we have an expanding ministry; and, perhaps most urgently, we need to get our church administration and the way that we run this centre working in the most effective way.

We owe that to our existing staff and we cannot fulfil the potential of the Centre as a tool for our ministry unless we do. Please join me in giving thanks to the Lord for all His blessings and asking Him to build His Church as He wants to.

Yours in Christ,